The pandemic of Covid-19 created a difficult time in our church life for us all. Aston church choir continued to rehearse throughout the period and create music for Zoom services and this led to the creation of an album of contemporary worship songs created in isolation by members of the choir. 25 such songs were recorded and have now been released worldwide in the digital format spreading God's love through the medium of music whilst raising important funds for our NHS. The experience has been uplifting for the choir and the music we have created will hopefully uplift its listeners and it has brought light in a dark time for people who love to sing but are prevented from doing so. You may find details of the music created here at a new website which is dedicated to the project MUSIC IN LOCKDOWN.

In the meantime here are some videos, hymns and anthems supplied by the choir and some organ music (played on the Hauptwerk - Armley Schulze and Friesach sample set) all of which was recorded in lockdown for the purposes of our online church services.